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White label software: Definition, benefits, and types

Additionally, the best white label software developers are continuously working to improve the product, add new features, and respond to customers’ needs, suggestions, and feedback. As a result, the software is equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology in the market. Partner with us to deliver the best results to your clients and go beyond. Dreamcode is the white label partner that will develop custom-made software solutions to boost your services portfolio. 3.) Built for success – Your white label partner wants you to succeed because your success is ultimately their success. To enable this, they’ll help you in every way that they can to keep selling and growing your company.

white label technology

Usually, the provider will mention all the needed info on the website. Don’t forget about the “Pricing” page to learn what you can get at different prices. It’s important to know your future limitations and opportunities.

What are white-label apps?

Powered by our proprietary technology and seamlessly integrated with our fulfillment facility – there’s never been a better time to be in business. Still, you can take white-labeling to the next level by building unique, flexible, and secure apps with a reliable white-label software development vendor — the success of FirstHomeCoach proves this point. As the name suggests, you sell only the back end of the application, giving your clients the freedom to develop their own front end. Since you’re handling only the backend, this type of white-label solution is easier to support than its multi-tenant counterparts.

Working with a cloud-based service does not require special knowledge. An intuitive interface and detailed manuals make it easy to get down to work from the very start. Educate yourself about ad tech, programmatic, and advertising. See how SmartyAds white label payment gateway has helped its clients achieve their business goals. I agree and consent to the Privacy Policy, its terms of processing of my personal data. There’s not much to add to this, you need to make a very thoughtful decision picking the provider.

White Label tech solutions are known for a while and are now gaining their popularity because the tech world is developing faster than ten or fifteen years ago. For new businesses, it’s now crucial to create a product that will be thought out and strong enough to stand out on short notice. So already, there are tons of such solutions represented by the companies ready to customize them to ‘any’ customer needs.

What is the difference between a white label and a private label?

Get a high-level view or dig deeper to see trends from new customers, existing customers, upgrades, downgrades, and churn. While you can argue that it is easier to opt for a white-label solution than to build one from scratch, you do give up some control. E-learning platforms enable creators to share their expertise with others hungry for knowledge. In addition, you can build and nurture a thriving online community.

white label technology

Our low, fixed-cost fees allow you to mark up recurring fees however you want. Our 360’ White Label solution bears no reference to Appenate, leaving your brand front & centre. Your app, available to all your users in Apple App & Google Play stores. Our 360° White Label solution bears no reference to Appenate, leaving your brand front & center. Build a community of doctors, lawyers, astrologers, fitness experts and many more with Panther.

Protect Your Client Base by Adding White Label Software to Your Agency

Content creation is especially critical for maintaining a social media presence and cultivating a blog that helps clients rank in the SERP. In fact, you can white-label everything from apps and content to services and hardware products. Besides, you should distinguish between B2B and B2C white-labeling. For example, when a restaurant rebrands a food ordering app and then offers it to its guests, it’s B2C white-labeling.

  • Studies show that companies that published 4 blog posts per week or more received 3.5 times the traffic compared to companies that blogged less than 1 times per week .
  • Simply acquire a ready-made software, embed their name, add their own logo and other corporate branding and use the solution in-house.
  • Adopting a white-label solution will accelerate responsiveness to a customer and meet their demands.
  • Your clients will use the platform just like any other SaaS product, having access to features, formats, and advertising metrics set by you using the admin panel.

Developing your own software puts your company at risk, even if the software is only for internal use. If your learning management system has a lot of glitches in it, new hires are going to get frustrated. It’s going to be more difficult for them to retain the information, and they’ll likely vent about it to their friends, hurting your recruiting chances. Based on statistics, every $1 a business spends on email marketing sees a 4200 percent return on investment! What’s more, globally 64 percent of businesses use email marketing to voice their marketing offers .

white label technology

White label social media software features dashboards and a user interface that you can customize to match brand colors and graphics and then resell to clients. In-app chat functionality – Customer service is key and Jungleworks’ white label apps allow you to respond to your customer queries by providing real-time in-app chat between customers and service providers. It works the same way in the ad tech industry since software products can be sold and rebranded just like any physical product on a shelf. Just like in the case of supermarkets, some digital companies are unwilling to invest resources in developing their own software from the ground up.

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