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From The Xero Band To The Budget Roundtable; A Review Of My Time As Xero’s Head Of Accounting

xero review 2015

Merchant Maverick’s ratings are editorial in nature, and are not aggregated from user reviews. Each staff reviewer at Merchant Maverick is a subject matter expert with experience researching, testing, and evaluating small business software and services.

  • Funny thing is, Xero doesn’t even care about its own business enough to produce a SOC-1 for its customers.
  • Xero has allowed us to get a real, detailed view on the financial situation within our company from one place.
  • Our response rate was zero — yes, we did not generate a single enquiry.
  • Who cant call back a number given to them on 5 different occasions.
  • If the customer is also a Xero user, he can save the invoice as a draft bill into their company.

I felt simultaneously enclosed/restricted and curiously “unprotected,” even though I routinely hike in thin-soled sandals. So, in the end, I prefer sandals (I wear, and love, Xero’s Z-Trail). The shoe also combines a “barefoot” feel with protection for feet, toes and ankles in tough, rocky or gritty terrain. The tabs within Xero are as organized and clean as the home page.

I want them to hurry up and integrate Hubdoc into Xero itself. And when that happens, I want there to be a way to generate a report that shows which GL transactions don’t have a source document. Price and ease of reconciliation and use of software. Icon”The FreshBooks/Xero integration stopped working around 2017 xero review 2015 (I don’t know why; each company blames the other).” Reporting is pretty limited, UI is awful and support is almost non-existent but it is ubiquitous so there will always be someone who can help. I understand Quickbooks is a nightmare in comparison. Userfriendly with many APIs that faciliate your day-to-day.

Xero have been designed to be used by non-account business folks. However, once the data has been listed an accountant has a great tool to use to finish the company financial records (Monthly, Quarterly & Annually). It is also priced at a rate that works for most business owners. Overall, it’s a decent program, with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a cloud based accounting program. Unfortunately working without being able to reconcile monthly made life too difficult.

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In August 2020, Xero acquired Waddle, an Australian-based invoice financing startup for $80 million . Payment includes $31 million in cash and $49 million in earnout payments.

Is Xero the best accounting software?

The Verdict

Xero is the best accounting software for growing companies. Its service plans and features easily accommodate the different stages (and needs) of small businesses.

Also, the Early plan limits users to only 20 invoices. If you run a small business, explore all of your options by checking out the top alternatives to Xero. The software has over 2,000,000 users and is the primary accounting solution for over 16,000 accounting firms.


We tried many marketing techniques in our first 6 months, most with very limited success. We created a website and waited for the sales to roll in. It didn’t happen, so we gave some other techniques a go.

It’s more than Xero, it’s the ecosystem, her peers. The recognition of the community of 3,000+ peers is empowering. The opportunity to assess and commit to implementing some of the “add-on” ecosystem products is defining for Jac’s practice.

Xero Accounting Software Review

Truth be told you do need a level of bookkeeping experience. I am often presented with ‘work’ that I need to correct on Xero. Xero creates its own accounting rules with double entry – where you cannot credit or debit the bank, creditors, debtors. When you question it with Xero their support is poor. The Xero and Xero Partner Platform from Xero, Inc. provide a unified, cloud-based solution for small business accounting and firm management of the client’s books. Xero entered the space initially from the small business side, but quickly saw the role that accounting firms play as financial advisors. Ben is a tax accountant and also has programming skills, so it made sense for him to take charge of ‘product’ and lead our bookkeeping team.

xero review 2015

As much as both software offer similar functionalities, they also boast unique features. Below are the differences that make QuickBooks Online and Xero standout.

Quickbooks had been the leader of accounting software for small businesses for quite some time but Xero is becoming more popular because of its competitive offering and value proposition. Xero’s starting plan is very affordable and you have the option to add-on some features depending on your need. It also offers a basic inventory and fixed asset management functionality in all of its plans, which is very cool! And the best thing about Xero is the unlimited users allowed to access the financial information. We moved from Sage line 50 to Xero, this has mainly been a positive experience.

Accounting Software: We Offer Specialized Financial Analysis Get More Information On Our Accounting Software Services And Sub

The Xcursion is an unusual hybrid, intended to give hikers a sense of connection to the ground beneath their feet even as it protects the foot from getting wet, scratched, or cold. The shoe is a sort of mirror image to Chaco sandals.

xero review 2015

I like the ease of reconciling because once you get set up and code a few items it remembers them for next time for a faster job . Setting up bank rules is also a huge benefit, as they get coded automatically, ready for you to just hit the green ‘ok’ button. You can use this for your usual bills for example, electricity bill, local cafe, cell phone bill, internet charges. Although it does take time to set bank rules up to make sure all details are accurate, it saves time in the long run. I like the fact that customers can upload documents into the files section of Xero and their accountant can see these documents immediately to work on them or code them. I also like the search function as you can search for a particular number, or the first few letters of a name or business to find relevant transactions. Being able to generate invoices and email them direct from Xero is great as it saves time.

Review Of Small Business Accounting Systems

Xero was established by serial businessman Rod Drury and his bookkeeper Hamish Edwards in July 2006. Xero is based in New Zealand, and develops cloud-based accounting applications for small and medium-sized organizations. The organization has its offices in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. It is listed on the New Zealand Exchange, being one of the top 20 companies, and also listed on Australian Securities Exchange. Xero is targeted for small ventures, accountants, and individuals. All entrepreneurs need compelling monetary solution and bookkeeping to attain achievements and success. Xero is beneficial to bookkeepers and accountants as well because it helps put the client’s financials at their finger tips.

Xero also boasts an impressive record of 99.97% uptime. A former sports editor and journalist, Matt Sherman has been writing about and researching small business software since 2015, with a special emphasis on retail and restaurant sales.

Xero Customer Service & Support

But only because following a broken foot, I have to use an orthotic with an unusual midfoot lift. I actually bled from the scraping action of the shoe upper against my skin….

Their design is based on their highly successful Prio model, which is a barefoot running and fitness shoe. Listening to them, Xero Shoes decided to develop an all-day barefoot shoe for people that spend long hours on their feet, walking or standing. We are tracking product recommendations and mentions on Reddit, HackerNews and some other platforms. They can help you identify which product is more popular and what people think of it. This is a useful guide if you’re wanting to draft your own co-founder agreement. If you’re interested in reading more about how we launched our business in 7 days using Founder Dan Norris’s 7 Day Startup methodology check out this post. In 2015 most of our customers came through referrals and existing relationships (both face-to-face and from the online forums we are part of).

  • It is equipped with 24/7 customer support with Automatic Back-up.
  • Tough but comfortable uppers that provide ankle support.
  • Customisation of user permissions means the bonus of staff being able to enter their own expenses which is a further time saver.
  • Early on, I tried to get someone to sell me Accounting Power and/or Sage 50, but neither company seemed organized enough to close the sale.
  • The recent navigation bar change seems to make accessing features more difficult by requiring more clicks rather than streamlining the software.

Indeed, we follow strict guidelines that ensure our editorial content is never influenced by advertisers. The software itself works well, but the customer service is impossible as we are trying to manage our US payroll from an international location. It is very difficult to speak to someone when there has been a problem or to get resolution on issues. I think the biggest con of the software is the price tag. Many of my clients have found this to be a stumbling block, saying that the monthly subscription fee is too high for their business. Other than the price, the only other con is the support is only via email . They do not have a support contact phone line – so response has to be via email .


Rather than the Quickbooks and standard approach, where you do a monthly reconciliation against a bank statement, XERO had no such function. Once an item was matched up to a bank transaction, it was considered “reconciled.” No option to close out a month and double-check transactions. I loved how easy it was to integrate XERO with my bank accounts and Paypal.

How many transactions can Xero handle?

Xero is designed for volumes of up to around 2,000 bank transactions per month, also dependent on the frequency of transactions during the month and variability of transaction values.

She is not an innovator nor early adopter on Roger’s diffusion of innovation curve. Jac, like most, fits somewhere in the early to late majority. It is something that hit me hard when I sat down to consider my “review that no-one else would write” for Xerocon Brisbane 2019. Years ago, all of the major brands made barefoot running shoes. My favorites were the New Balance minimalist shoes. I wore them for a number of half marathons and loved them. Eyewear Boutique Founder Kajal Sanghrajka was impressed by the customer support offered by Xero.

Premium (Price – 70$) – This plan adds multiple currency support and Payroll for up to 10 employees. While not truly waterproof, it certainly keeps feet dry in many conditions. The thin, zero-drop sole is admirably grippy and allows your feet to really feel the terrain. Theoretically, zero-drop shoes with a “barefoot” or minimal sole should help develop a more natural gait. Tough but comfortable uppers that provide ankle support.

MYOB turns up the heat on Xero in small business lending – Sydney Morning Herald

MYOB turns up the heat on Xero in small business lending.

Posted: Tue, 22 Jun 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

We have much more flexibility and a wider range of integrations with Xero. I found Xero to be better designed for the average business owner at a lower rate.

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